Kosciusko Cares Youth Services Bureau

Helping Youth Make Healthy Choices

Kosciusko Cares Youth Services Bureau

Phone: 574-372-3528

Kosciusko Cares Youth Services Bureau (Kosciusko Cares) is leading the way in the delivery and standardization of evidence-based prevention strategies and programs in Kosciusko County. Evidence-based prevention uses scientific inquiry and methods to assess community needs, determine risk and protective factors that most influence healthy youth development, select strategies and programs that are theoretically linked to those risk and protective factors and known to move the needle forward toward healthy behaviors and community norms.

Our goal is to reach as many children, youth, and families as possible through our work to prevent negative behaviors and choices in the future, and not only that, but to relieve the harm and distress that many youth and families experience right now. Kosciusko Cares is committed to a vigorous response using neuroscience research which tells us there are ways we can help youth recognize what's happening in their brain, and learn positive skills to reduce negative flight, flight, and freeze responses.

We currently offer these evidence-based programs proven to grow strong families, teens, adolescents, and children.

  • Strengthening Families Program: 14 -week family skill building
  • Al's Pals: Making Healthy Choices: all Head Start classrooms
  • Botvin Life Skills Training Program: elementary, middle schools and high schools
  • Safe Place Program: coming soon
  • Teen Court: coming soon
  • Drug Free Kosciusko Coalition
  • iCare Youth Coalition

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